feedwordpress 로 메타블로그 사이트 만들 때 주의 할 점

feedwordpress 로 메타블로그 사이트 만들 때 주의 할 점

feedwordpress 플러그인을 통해서 간편하게 메타블로그를 만들 수 있는데... 단점이 디비에 무리를 많이 준다는 점입니다.

개별 블로그는 그렇지 않은 것 같은데 메타블로그의 피드나 대량의 글이 발행되는 feed를 불러올 때 디비에 무리를 주는 것 같습니다.


아래는 테스트로 설치해본 해외 웹호스팅에서 안내 메일의 일부입니다.

We have detected that your account executing a slow MySQL queries.

                        MySQL Query: select   wp_feed_posts.id, wp_feed_posts.guid, wp_feed_posts.post_modified_gmt from wp_feed_posts  w

                        Slow MySQL queries are not allowed, because you share server resources with thousands of other users and your long lasting MySQL queries are slowering the server and other users are having MySQL performance and connectivity problems. Please optimize your MySQL queries as soon as possible.
                        Here are some good articles how to optimize MySQL queries: http://www.google.com/search?q=optimize+mysql+queries

                        Good tips how you can optimize your scripts and make our servers run faster:
                        - Disable all parts of your website that allows anonymous posting, such as open forums, guestbooks. These days automated software fills all open areas of web with junk and content spam and increasing your database size.
                        - Disable visitors monitoring and tracking (each move of your visitor makes database query)
                        - Disable all unused website modules
                        - Disable internal stats for your website - use http://www.google.com/analytics/ for example
                        - You may also logon to the phpMyAdmin and check which table has the most records. Then, if you think that this table does not contain any valuable information (just contains logs, stats or cache), you can click on the `Empty` or `Truncate` to clean it.

                        We thank you for understanding,

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