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AutoMouseClicker 오토마우스 다운로드

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AutoMouseClicker - No more trembling fingers!
Version 2.1
for Windows 9x/NT/2K/ME/XP

!!! You MUST put the files below together in the same folder.
config.xml (will be created if not found)
events.xml (can be created if not found)
Some irritating games or softwares requires you to click many hundred times, and this program just do that for you automatically.

New Features:
AutoMouseClicker 2.1 is back with more amazing features!
- click interval now works correctly, with a countdown displayed
- random intervals (between 2 values)
- loop mouse events (highly-requested!)
- save loop value together with the mouse events to XML
- turn on XP Visual Styles (which "normal" applications doesn't provide support for)
- system tray (deactivated by default)
- customizable tray icons (through icon themes)
- control multiple instances with single hotkey

- keep the program 'Always on Top' of all other windows (Useful)
- keep your program settings (in a XML file)
- clicks the Left or Right mouse button automatically
- HotKey lets you start/stop the auto-clicking (useful with Hyper-Click)
- Hyper-Click option clicks the position where you have moved your mouse pointer to
- RepeatClick textfield can be reset to the initial value entered when the clicking stops
- start program minimized (useful to combine with autoSTART)
- programmable mouse events
- Saving/Loading of events to XML format (editable manually)
- Command Line Argument(s)
 - run: automatically starts clicking
  - works as long as the word run is added to end of command line,
  - doesn't matter if run is preceded by a -run or /run
  - to run on windows startup, just put a shortcut ["AutoMouseClicker.exe" -run] in the windows Startup folder
 - load or event: automatically loads events.xml (meaning you can virtually set everything up, and make a shortcut to trigger a series of mouse clicks, with AutoMouseClicker's windows set to minimized!)
 - terminate: automatically terminates program after clicking stopped.
  Here's an example:
  "C:\AutoMouseClicker\AutoMouseClicker.exe" load run terminate
  What it simply means:
  AutoMouseClicker will start, load and run events.xml, then terminates.

Aching fingers because of too much clicking!

Some other information
I was playing an online BlackJack game (no real money involved), and I need to click on my mouse 50 times to get the bet to the maximum amount $250, and this is just for one hand of cards. Imagine I have played 20 to 30 hands, that is >1000 clicks.
Now my fingers are already aching and trembling, and I have yet to win back the money I have lost to the dealer.
I did a search on the Internet for mouse clicking programs.
I found only one and it is 'Mouse Clicker by JM Burton (
Too bad that there are some limitations to it, so I decided to make one that is better then it.
In case you don't know, I can say I didn't copied any of its design for my program.
I thought of my program's design on my own.

'Purpose of the "Safety Mechanism" option'
To prevent the unintended input of a click interval that is so short
that it becomes impossible to stop the mouse clicking process
(or to click on the STOP button).
Try this to know why there is this 'Safety Mechanism' option:
0. Run my program.
1. Input/Type in the 'Click Interval in ms' text field a value of 100 or less (any value greater may not be enough to prove my point).
2. Make sure the 'Click ? time(s) only' checkbox is not checked.
3a. Make sure 'Safety Mechanism' option is checked
3b. Click on START button and you will see a msgbox 'Safety Mechanism triggered!'
4a. Now uncheck the 'Safety Mechanism' option
4b. Click on START button and you will understand why I put in this 'Safety Mechanism' option.

'Purpose of the "Hyper-Click" option'
The mouse will just click the position where your mouse pointer is
This means you can move the mouse around, while it is still clicking

No special installation is required on Windows.
AutoMouseClicker can be put in any folder (together with other required files).
You may make a shortcut to it on your Desktop.


* When I try to run AutoMouseClicker, it dies with the following error: Component 'MSCOMCTL.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid
If you encounter this error, you will need to install the file MSCOMCTL.OCX to your computer.
Download sites:
- Missing MSCOMCTL.OCX Library File:

* When I try to run AutoMouseClicker, it dies with the following error: The file 'MSVBVM60.DLL' cannot be found...
MSVBVM60.DLL is a support file required to run any Visual Basic 6 program.
If you encounter this error, you will need to install the 'Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Module'.

* When I try to run AutoMouseClicker, it dies with the following error(s):
Run-time error '429' ActiveX component can't create object
Run-time error '-2147221231 (80040111)': Automation error ClassFactory cannot supply requested class
The error that you have encountered is caused by some VB runtime and MS scripting files not being properly installed or uninstalled from the system.
One way that the run-time error 429 occurs is when one of the components that is needed by the program is not registered correctly.
The File System object is contained in the Scrrun.dll file. Make certain that this DLL file is installed on the target computer, and that it is correctly registered.

* When I try to run AutoMouseClicker, it dies with the following error:
Run time error '430': Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface
This error message does not mean that there is something wrong with MDAC. It means that some DLL file, which is referenced from the application, is missing.
However it is recommended that you get your system updated to MDAC 2.5 SP3 or higher.
- MDAC Downloads:
- PQ Systems - MDAC Information:

Version History
2.1 (Aug 28, 2006)
- interval bug resolved [requested by "Dan" Danny_L_Gorby, "Thomas van der Vlis", "Lars ?tlund", "Polly Stello", "Geoff Pollard", "Richard", "Hao Ming Yang", "Eugene Kaidalov")
- random interval (between 2 values) option added [requested by "Michael Salo", "Eugene Kaidalov"]
- loop mouse events option added [requested by "Keith Smith", "Shawn Siebert", "Paul", "JarC", "Zyse", "Mike Lao", "Jacob Heagy", "michelle J", "Madman", "Jason Tram",  "Anas KF AUR", "tdk", "Keith Calsyn", "Grant", "Discover castello", "Gary Bolton", "Patrick Kirsch"]
- loop value is saved together with the mouse events to XML
- XP Visual Styles option added
- using API to check multiple instances (instead of app.prev which fails on winxp, causing program termination)
- system tray added (tray icon deactivated by default, HideOnMinimize, CloseMeansClose) [requested by "Mike Winn", "Charlotte Pedersen"]
- customizable tray icons (blank(transp. look) icon, main form icon, icon themes)
- single hotkey will now control multiple instances [requested by "Frank", "Syr? Gunnar"]
- other major bug fixes (e.g. integer overflow, invalid value type)
- some interface changes
1.6 (Jan 16, 2005)
- Minor bug fixes
- Saving/Loading of events to XML format (requested by "Michael G. K. Rasmussen")
- Added "load"/"event" Command Line Argument
- Added "terminate" Command Line Argument
1.52 (Dec 5, 2004)
- Updated the Troubleshooting section with better solution and links
1.51 (Dec 5, 2004)
- Removed a serious bug that involved Hyper-Click function (pointed out by "Nicklas Larsson")
- Minor code changes
1.5 (Dec 4, 2004)
- labels in Capture coord screen can be removed with a click
- Configure Mouse Events option added (requested by "Jonathan Vota", "Frank", "Kenn Verrell", "jimmy volcheck")
1.44 (Dec 3, 2004)
- Removed a bug that involved the txtDelay used with Hyper-Click
- Hence shortened the max value allowed in txtDelay to 60secs
- Prevent Multiple Instance option added (requested by "Syr? Gunnar")
1.43 (Nov 24, 2004)
- Keep initial value in RepeatClick textfield option added (requested by "Syr? Gunnar")
- Start Minimized option added
- autoSTART of clicking through Command Line Argument added (requested by "Joe McCann")
1.4 (Feb 16, 2004)
- HotKey implemented (requested by "Terminal Heretic")
- Hyper-Click option added (requested by "Terminal Heretic")
- Minor code changes
1.3 (Feb 16, 2004)
- Enabled the "Right Button" option (requested by "Julian Lee")
1.25 (Jan 16, 2004)
- Modified Help file (AutoMouseClicker.txt) to explain the purpose of the "Safety Mechanism" option
1.2 (Dec 14, 2003)
- Removed a minor bug in the program, which is when a value of >65535 is entered into the "Click Interval in ms" textbox
1.1 (Oct 24, 2003)
- Removed a small bug in the program, that is caused when other program windows are in keep on top mode

This program is free. You may distribute it, but you may not charge money for it.

Send suggestions and comments to:
Programmed by Goh Mingkun using Visual Basic 6.0
Last update on Mon, Aug 28, 2006


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